All shapes, sizes and colours are welcome, finally.

It is 2016, and Mattel has finally transformed Barbie to look like the human race- diverse. We now, will have Barbies in all shapes, sizes and colours. Barbie, the iconic plastic toy doll model, is getting three new body types this year. Further, the toy company will include several skin tones, eye colours and hair styles to its Barbie doll collection.

I think it is good time to acknowledge, more importantly embrace, that we all don’t have to aspire and shoehorn ourselves to a single style and size. Just because a style or colour looks great on a pencil –thin runway model, doesn’t mean it will look great on me or you. Why? Because we don’t have a pencil-thin body, the same eye colour, or hair colour. We all our unique in our shape, size and colour.

Discover your unique style by learning about your body type and what styles compliment you. Learn about the 5 elements that should define your style. Learn to stitch your body-type, lifestyle, personality, using your colours with a touch of fashion to create an image that fits you like a glove